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The New Territory Women’s Association (NTWA) is a diverse group of women joining together for fun, friendship and community service. Our organization was started in February 1996 thanks to Mrs. Shaan Tippett. We currently have almost 70 members, New Territory residents and non-residents. Some of us are married, some are single, some have young children, others have grown children or no children at all. Some have been in the organization since its inception and some are brand new. We offer daytime and nighttime activities, so you’re sure to find something that fits your schedule! We have three general meetings each year in September, January and May, and group activities are held monthly-some for members only and some for the whole family. When a social is held in a member’s home, child attendance is at the discretion of the hostess. We have many different committees and your membership allows you to participate in as many or as few activities as you choose. As a member, our newsletter will be emailed to you every month and you’ll always have access to information via the internet through email, our website, and our Facebook page. The NTWA!! The friendships you will make are priceless!!


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